About Us

Why are we called "Little Flower Company?"

Little Flower Company Cake Design Atelier started in Hong Kong as a self interest online based cake shop in 2015.  It was first created to specialize only in buttercream flower cakes and flower inspired cakes which was only starting to emerge at that time.  Initially, our plan was to offer small private class to people with similar interest and sell caneles on the side (because it is my favorite pastry).  Now after many years, we can finally bring our vision to life in our little kitchen.

Who are we?

Many of you already know I'm a baking mom (Gloria) with a cute/needy now turning 5 years old little boy.  Aside from my part time job, I was running an online cake shop to help with family income.  Both my parents are from Taiwan, but moved to HK ,and I grew up in Vancouver, a place I always believe to be my true home.  I didn't know a thing about baking growing up, and studied Theater design production at UBC which I specialized in costume design.  It wasn't until going back to H.K to work that I developed an interest in baking and the world of pastry.   After that, I decided to come back to Vancouver and studied at North West Culinary Academy of Vancouver in their pastry program.  There, I opened my eyes to the world of pastry and felt that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.  

After graduation, I went back to H.K to work again, this time I entered the field of pastry and cakes.  Everyday we would start our day at 8 am and end sometimes as late as 10pm for 6-7 days a week.  Although it was a tough job and not as dreamy as I thought, there were something new to learn all the time.  It was in the pastry kitchen that I met my 'now husband'/ business partner.  After we got married, we decided to move back to where I grew up, knowing that it would be the best place to start a family and grow old together.

I have never worked in any famous restaurants or hotels, never won any awards or achievements, but I do have over 10 yrs of experience in cake making (and a bunch of certificates).  My husband, (who does not want any spot light) has worked more than 25 years  in the pastry industry.  Together we are just a couple that likes to make cakes, read a lot of baking books and passion for learning new baking techniques. Hence the beginning of Little Flower Company Cake Design Atelier.  We hope this will be a place where we can meet more friendly faces, gain more knowledge, guide our family toward a better direction, and most of all make more delicious cakes & pastries to share.  Since we only have 2 people doing everything, sometimes our schedule and time management are not very flexible and we thank you all in advance for understanding.

Now that you know a bit about us, we look forward to sharing our passion with all of you as we continue to learn and grow in our journey of cakes and pastries.

:) Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little.


Have a wonderful day!